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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu

On Wed, 20 Sep 2006 17:05:42 -0700, Antonio Olivares wrote:

> ----- Original Message ----
> From: Amadeus W. M. <amadeus84 verizon net>
> To: fedora-list redhat com
> Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 6:59:31 PM
> Subject: Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu
> On Wed, 20 Sep 2006 18:26:10 -0500, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
>> I have a computer science class mate who is interested in switching to
>> Linux, starting small with installing it and dual booting. He fits the
>> type that should be able to switch easiy: non-hardcore gamer, non
>> hardcore multimedia.
>> My question to the list is could you compare and contrast Fedora and
>> Ubuntu so that I may pass on the information so that he may make a
>> choice himself?
>> I have only ever used Fedora (was Redhat 7,8,9 before) so I am unable
>> to do that. 
> So do we. If we used ubuntu, we'd be posting on their lists.
> And since you're using fedora anyway, just tell him to install
> fedora, that way you'll be speaking the same language. Also,
> I'm just speculating, because I haven't used ubuntu, but I doubt
> there is any compelling reason to choose one over the other.
> Maybe the best would be to recommend him the corresponding live cds 
> to try for himself. It's Kubuntu for ubuntu, and for fedora I forget 
> what it's called, but it was circulating on this mailing list not
> long ago. 
> Kadishi, Fedora LiveCD generator.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Kadischi
> and respins are available as torrents
> http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=03666#0
> Best Regards,
> Antonio

Yes, yes, that's the one. So if I understand this right, 
it's not a live cd per se, but rather tools to create your own
live cd? That's nice! Does it mean I can put on a disk the exact 
setup I have on my PC and take it with me anywhere, and feel at 
home? I wonder if I could run a live cd at kinkos.

They gotta change the name though, I'll never remember it. 

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