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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu

Lastly, my machine has Debian Testing and also Fedora Core 5. I mainly
use Debian but tryout Fedore too. On a laptop at home, I have installed
Ubuntu with Windows. Ubuntu just works better in the laptop than other
distos. This depends on machine to machine of course.
I agree with you on this, i tried FC5, CentOS 4.4 and Ubuntu on my
thinkpad T30, the three of them worked good, but it was easier to work
and configure (Specially WiFi) on this order
1. ubuntu
2. CentOS with NetworManager
3. FC 5 (changed eth0 with eth1 constantly)

with Ubuntu i needed no NetworkManager even working with encripted
networks, and not have to use iwconfig :) as needed with FC5 or CentOS
if you do not want to install NetworkManager

on my desktop i saw that Ubuntu, FC5 and CentOS are the same :).
on my web, squid, postfix, dns, etc. I use CentOS, maybe Debian could
be another good option for a server.



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