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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu

On 9/20/06, Guillermo Garron <guillermo fedora gmail com> wrote:
I agree with you on this, i tried FC5, CentOS 4.4 and Ubuntu on my
thinkpad T30, the three of them worked good, but it was easier to work
and configure (Specially WiFi) on this order

Agreed, Ubuntu on the laptop worked so much nicer for me than Fedora.

with Ubuntu i needed no NetworkManager even working with encripted
networks, and not have to use iwconfig :) as needed with FC5 or CentOS
if you do not want to install NetworkManager

When I used Ubuntu the wireless worked out of the box for me.
Additionally the 'special' keys worked correctly too on the laptop.

on my desktop i saw that Ubuntu, FC5 and CentOS are the same :).
on my web, squid, postfix, dns, etc. I use CentOS, maybe Debian could
be another good option for a server.

On the desktop, Ubuntu "felt" nicer, but I found it a bit of a
nuisance that *many many* things had to be added for development. In
summary, Fedora makes for a much better development system, whereas
Ubuntu is much better for a novice desktop user. IMO.


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