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Thu Sep 21 02:36:56 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 19:26, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> I have a computer science class mate who is interested in
> switching to Linux, starting small with installing it and dual
> booting. He fits the type that should be able to switch easiy:
> non-hardcore gamer, non hardcore multimedia.
> My question to the list is could you compare and contrast
> Fedora and Ubuntu so that I may pass on the information so that
> he may make a choice himself?
> I have only ever used Fedora (was Redhat 7,8,9 before) so I am
> unable to do that. However, Ubuntu seems to be very popular. So
> I figure that to be fair, I should present him with my choice,
> and the aparent popular choice, with arguement for-against both
> if possible.

Hook him up with Fedora.  Like it was already said you can help 
him better if you are using the same distro.

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