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Re: Bridging and Routing (4 Nic's on one machine)

Think in a bridge as a kind of switch. It works at OSI Level 2 (Ethernet)
not at upper levels (IP).

The IP you assign to bridge must be the IP you need to access to the IP
subnet you need to access from the bridge interface.

The first question is: Do you really need a bridge?

If you don't need to connect networks at Ethernet level, you don't need it.

Perhaps I don't stand fine your required configuration, but I can't see
that you really need bridges.

Can you explain a bit more your wanted configuration?


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El Jue, 21 de Septiembre de 2006, 9:03, Roger Grosswiler escribió:
> Hello,
> I think about bridging the firewall on the next install. Unfortunately,
> the same firewall routes to 2 other subnets:
> - 1 external
> - 1 DMZ
> Both have separate IP-Ranges. In fact, with the internal Network, i have 3
> Subnets (internal-> eth0, external -> eth1, dmz -> eth2)
> I would like to now:
> Can i use this combination:
> 1 bridge eth0->eth1
> 1 bridge eth0->eth2
> and: which ip-adress does the bridge need? is there any ip possible or
> which one is to set preferably on the bridge?
> Thanks for your replies.
> Roger
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