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dd_rescue output on hdd recovery operation

As I've mentioned, I am trying to recover data from a hosed drive (mad bad blocks). I am running dd_rescue from a knoppix disk and copying said 80gb drive to a partition on a brand new 200gb drive.

dd_rescue has been running for near 36 hours now, and this is the most recent output:

*dd_rescue: (info): ipos: 884781.5k, opos: 884781.5k, xferd: 884781.5k * errs: 12955, errxfer: 6477.5k, succxfer: 878304.0k +curr.rate: 0kB/s, avg.rate: 8kB/s, avg.load: 0.1%
dd_rescue: (warning): /dev/hdb (884781.5k): Input/output error!

*Do I understand this correctly?  It looks like it's telling me that
c. 88.4781 gb have been transferred, but only 87.8304gb successfully transferred.
(0.6477gb error, not bad percentage wise).
What I don't understand is, 88gb?  The drive is only 80gb...
And it is still going...

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