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Re: ripping FAQ

On 21/09/06, Trond Danielsen <trond danielsen gmail com> wrote:
On 9/21/06, Ian Malone <ibmalone gmail com> wrote:
> As an aside, there are certainly (fairly serious) bugs in
> gstreamer's creation of Ogg/Vorbis files (which I why I
> don't use it), and I seem to remember that there are
> also problems with creating mp3.
> Grip is much easier to troubleshoot since you can
> investigate at each stage of the rip more easily.

Hmm, I did not know that. I have ripped a fair amount of cd to
ogg/vorbis and have not experienced any problems. Could you explain a
little bit more about the bugs in gstreamer?

May not seem serious, but I'm not convinced it can be
retrospectively fixed in affected files as easily as claimed
(because it's difficult to check the output).  Given that
Ogg/Vorbis is supposedly a 'base' plugin I'd have thought
more attention would have been given to this easily
verifiable bug.  Files are produced that break the spec
in a fairly simple way.

(and this also stops gstreamer apps retagging Ogg files)


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