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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu

Arthur Pemberton spake thusly, On 09/20/2006 04:26 PM:
I have a computer science class mate who is interested in switching to
Linux, starting small with installing it and dual booting. He fits the
type that should be able to switch easiy: non-hardcore gamer, non
hardcore multimedia.

My question to the Whjlist is could you compare and contrast Fedora and
Ubuntu so that I may pass on the information so that he may make a
choice himself?

Why not install Ubuntu for yourself?. That way you can answer your own question. :-)

Seriously, I find OS arguments (be it Fedora vs Debian, Linux vs Windows, BSD vs Linux...) stupid and childish.

Everybody has their preferences but they don't need to shove their opinion down everyone's throat.

Honestly this stuff should be added to Religion and Politics on the list of "things not to discuss in polite society".

But I digress.....

Right now I'm running Fedora Core 5, Ubuntu 6.10, DesktopBSD, Windows Vista RC1 and Windows XP Professional all on the same box.

As you can see, I'm not afraid of any OS. They all suck. They're also all great at various things. Why people savvy enough to run Linux tie themselves to just one distro and/or permanently ditch that "OS from Redmond" is beyond me (unless of course you've still got an 8GB hard drive I suppose).

OK, I'm babbling again.

Seriously, install Ubuntu and make your own comparison. That's better than asking one of us for an opinion.

Speaking of that, questions like this are generally best directed to non-distro specific newsgroups or mailing lists. You tend to annoy fewer people that way. ;-)

Personally, I don't mind your question at all.

And if I had to make a choice, I'd pick Ubuntu myself. I prefer APT over YUM. YUM has some good features but the slowness of it drives me nuts. I also like seing my downloads in the console or using the Snaptic GUI app). YUMEX or KYum don't even come close to Synaptic.

In any event, I still choose to run both Fedora and Ubuntu.. Fortunatly I don't have to make a choice.


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