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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu

On Thursday 21 September 2006 16:59, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-09-21 at 15:26 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > My£0.02-worth :-)
> >
> > While some say that Ubuntu, Mandriva or PCLinuxOS are more
> > newbie-friendly, it's worth bearing in mind that most people come to
> > computing with friends on tap for hand-holding.  Those of us that have
> > come to linux depending on lists like this are generally more confident
> > (maybe more competent, too?) but it is very likely that your friend will
> > feel in real need of help in the early stages.
> >
> > I think, therefore, that your comfort-level in supporting a different
> > distro has to be borne in mind.  I'm not saying you couldn't - there will
> > be more similarities than differences - but you may not wish to take on
> > an extra layer of responsibility.
> On the other hand, you know the useful life-span of a fedora
> installation.
> Do you want to recommend that to a friend that needs hand-holding?
That depends on whether he wants/needs to stay bleeding edge.  With security 
updates coming from the Legacy project the useful life of a fedora 
installation is longer than most, IMO.

Of course, if he wants/needs bleeding edge then he will be doing 6-monthly 
installs anyway, whichever distro he uses.


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