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Re: fx5200 TVOut problems

> With the s-video brightness problem, have you tried a different s-
> video cable? Or try a different s-video source using the same cable?
> Try to rule out the possibility that the TV has a defective s-video
> input also. I have been using an FX500 for years now with s-video out
> to a TV for years now and have had no similar issues with brightness.
> For the settings problems, see this...
> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/fcmyth.php#video
> Expand the section "For users of nVidia Video Cards". To quote the
> relevant part...
> The latest driver versions rely on the nvidia-settings utility to set
> your overscan with a slider, and you can do so without restarting X.
> You can also adjust gamma, contrast, color balance, etc., with the
> nvidia-settings utility. All the settings are saved on a per-user
> basis, and according to nVidia's docs, should be reactivated at login
> if you do the following: 
> $ echo "nvidia-settings --load-config-only &" >> ~/.xinitrc
> $ echo ". /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc" >> ~/.xinitrc 

It's definitely not the cable. I have had it hooked up with two
different cables and I get the same results. Just to be safe I also
hooked up a DVD player using the same cable. Same exact model of DVD
player that's already on my home theater. So I was able to switch back
and forth between the two inputs and could see no difference. 

Here's a couple pictures connected to the FX5200. 
1) Using VGA cable connected to projector:
2) Using SVideo connected to projector:

So, am I missing settings somewhere or do I possibly have a bad card?
maybe I should contact support?

Also thanks for the pointer to Jarod's site. Completely missed that
section. I haven't tested to see if the overscan settings stick on next


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