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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu

Jim Cornette wrote:

I wonder what was the reason why yum wasn't written in C to begin with.
Anyway, looking forward to the FC6 yum.

up2date was written in python and the thought was by the developer that python would be kept in working order because of the other redhat (at the time of decision to use python) programs that use python.

Ahem. Thats not true. Yum wasnt written by Red Hat to begin with. Python was chosen by the developer because its easier for many developers to understand and hack. The presence of many plugins for Yum can be considered as a result of this.

Apt wasn't chosen at that time because it was basically unmaintained and not multi lib capable. Now those reasons are not a roadblock and it is available in Fedora Extras.

I'm looking forward to FC6 and the compilation in C, if that is the case for yum. Hopefully the speed is better.

Just the metadata parser. Details at http://rahulsundaram.livejournal.com/7734.html


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