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Re: Bridging and Routing (4 Nic's on one machine)

The first is: Reply to the list too, not only mine, there are more people
than me that has more knoledgement about these type of questions.

The second: Yes, you'll need:
   1) Allow routing between LAN and VPN.
   2) Allow BROADCAST routing (ouch!!) if you really need propagate
BROADCAST traffic between the subnets (I know nobody that use this, but
here is), or WINS or configure lmhosts.

If you allow broadcast you could "explore" the SAMBA network, else you'll
need use IP to access to resources (Nobody recomend you this).

You can configure a WINS server to allow easy access too, instead using
broadcast, and you only need to add your network computers into the WINS
(WINS is as a DNS but for SAMBA), but for a few computers, you really
don't need that. In this last case (some computers only), you only need to
add the computers and their IP's into the /etc/samba/lmhosts file and then
you can acces them using the name (instead use the IP), perhaps you need
add computers and IP into /etc/hosts file (don't know now if you really

Use www.samba.org to search more info about SAMBA, there are many manuals,
faqs and how-tos there (and a list to ask questions about it).


Samuel Díaz García
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El Vie, 22 de Septiembre de 2006, 11:25, Roger Grosswiler escribió:
>> Perhaps somebody could confirm that, but the bridge is not really
>> necesary
>> in your case.
>> You will use another IP subnet for your VPN network, and then allow
>> traffic from that to the internal IP subnet.
>> In your case, I think, you are dropping/rejecting the traffic from WLAN
>> to
>> LAN and from LAN to WLAN, this is correct, but, as I said in my first
>> response, you need to enable the traffic from VPN to LAN and from LAN to
>> VPN.
>> When you create an VPN you need to attach them to a logical network (IP
>> subnet in your case). If you really want to use a bridge, you can use
>> the
>> same IP subnet for your VPN and then I say YES, you need a bridge for
>> that, but if you use another IP subnet, then you really don't need a
>> bridge.
>> You must think in a VPN as another network interface connected to your
>> box.
>> More clear?
>> Regards
>> --
>> Samuel Díaz García
>> ArcosCom Wireless, S.L.L.
> Thanks Samuel,
> So if i would just route through my vpn, i would have to say my samba- and
> printservers to serve also the subnet of the vpn, isn't it?
> If i don't my vpn-clients won't see the infrastructure, i think...
> Thx,
> Roger

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