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Re: [FC5} Moving /home

From: "M.Lewis" <cajun cajuninc com>

Todd Zullinger wrote:
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M.Lewis wrote:
There was a long thread about this a while back:


I didn't see any reference to this in the thread:

- doesn't /etc/passwd have to be edited for the new location?

- I'm not sure if /etc/passwd is what handles this or not, but are
there symlinks that are needed so 'cd' and applications know where ~

I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Finally getting a

Unless I'm reading that thread wrong, it's about moving /home to
another partition.  The cool part about the *nix style disc layout is
that when you move the contents of /home and remount it, all of your
programs still find /home.  If you moved drives in windows then you'd
have to edit things to reference the new drive letter (or so it was
when I last played with windows, I don't really know or care if
they've improved on that :).

Thanks Todd. So you're saying /etc/passwd does NOT have to be edited?

I failed to mention, the disk that I'm wanting to move /home to is already mounted.

Copy /home to a home directory on the new disk. Then rename the old
/home to /home_old to save it for a week or so for shakeout and instant
backup. Then symlink the new partition's home directory to /home. Bob's
your uncle.


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