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Re: howto isolate 2 nics?

On 9/22/06, Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:

We have a machine that has two nics in it, one with an outside, world
visible internet address, and one with an address in the 192.168.xx.xx

What we seem to be missing is a way to have requests for service generate
the reply on the same nic it came in on, as its currently settup with just
one gateway address, the replies are all going back out on the local

We effectively need each nic to operate in its own domain, but with the
machine servers visible to both nics?

Can this be done?  URL's to tutorials?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Gene
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Hi Gene Heskett!

Sounds like the machine is a server?  Web, mail, that sort of thing?
As well, it is the supplier of internet to a local LAN (subnet

You probably want Network Address Translation (NAT).  But yes, a basic
understanding of Networking is beyond a single e-mail typed by me at
4:36 a.m.

# The first two under "4.4.1. General" are probably a good place to
start, you should also see "Masquerading-Simple-HOWTO" (uses NAT).

# Shows most of the networking commands

# On the page do a search for "The Linux Network Administrator's
Guide" - 505 pages in the PDF version - very comprehensive.

Two topics stick in my mind as I think about what you are trying to
do. One is security - you will need to understand how to manage a
firewall.  The second is a possible need to set up a Dynamic Host
Control Protocol server for those on the local subnet.

Have Fun!


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