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Start-up SELinux/Kernel Issue: Resolved -- sort of

I had sent two previous messages on this issue and heard not a word.
I'm really perplexed why it only seems to affect my system ...

In any case the problem was, briefly, that when restarting Rawhide/FC6
on my Thinkpad A31p laptop, the startup process would get to the point
that it would draw the fat X in the middle of the screen and then
hang.  Using the original kernel worked fine but newer kernels would
result in the strange hang.  Paying close attention after installing
the most recent kernel, I noticed a text message just before X took
over that smacked of SELinux (... avc ... denied ... comm="hwclck"
... --- all of this is from memory since I don't know how to freeze
the screen during startup and I don't know where this message might be
recorded. It is not in /var/log/messages).  Taking a wild guess that
it might be SELinux, I disabled it and sure enough the system booted

So I'll try again: any suggestions on what component I should file a
bug against?  Any suggestions on how I can capture what is really
going that SELinux is taking issue with?


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