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Re: Sendmail sleeping during boot.

Greetings Erik

Erik P. Olsen wrote:
 Mogens Kjaer skrev:
> Erik P. Olsen wrote: ...
>> So sendmail spends 2 minutes waiting. Whatfor?

Misconfiguration . Sendmail can't correctly identify the HOSTNAME  of the
computer that it's running .

As soon as sendmail has finished everything is normal.

Well not entirely , sendmail is using the short name , which might create problems
when you try to sent an email to the outer world .

> Usually a DNS or /etc/hosts problem.

Well i would choose /etc/hosts for this occassion . Well since /etc/host.conf says
hosts,bind of course .

> What is the contents of your /etc/hosts file?

 /etc/hosts:    localhost.localdomain    localhost            EPO-xp
>   epowork
> epohost

EEE ???? What's this . Apart from the first line all the others are wrong .
In the second column you have to put the "FQDN" ( sort of speaking ) in other words the hostname.domainname thing and in the third column the alliases for example         EPO-xp.localdomain   EPO


Again the above line should read
HOSTANME=localhost.localdomain , in order to be correct or in your occassion
for example :


Kind Regards,

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