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Re: Sendmail sleeping during boot.

Alexander Dalloz skrev:
Erik P. Olsen schrieb:

Sep 21 16:29:47 epohost sendmail[3124]: My unqualified host name (epohost) unknown; sleeping for retry Sep 21 16:30:47 epohost sendmail[3124]: unable to qualify my own domain name (epohost) -- using short name

/etc/hosts:    localhost.localdomain    localhost   EPO-xp   epowork   epohost

Obviously "epohost" doesn't fulfill the criteria to be a FQDN.
Choose a random, non-conflicting domain name for your LAN. And set the HOSTNAME in /etc/sysconfig/network accordingly. For instance:

/etc/hosts               localhost.localdomain   localhost      epowork.olsen.intra   epowork      epohost.olsen.intra     epohost



Thanks, so FQDN means that there MUST always be at least one dot in the hostname. What if I use epo.dk, which is a public domain owned by me, instead of your example olsen.intra? Does that cause any conflict?

Erik P. Olsen, Civilingeniør, MSc
Solsortvej 30, DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Phone: +45 38346480, Fax: +45 38346470, Mobil: +45 40765300

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