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Re: Sendmail sleeping during boot.

Erik P. Olsen schrieb:

Thanks, so FQDN means that there MUST always be at least one dot in the hostname. What if I use epo.dk, which is a public domain owned by me, instead of your example olsen.intra? Does that cause any conflict?

To your first question: that a FQDN has at least one dot is a result of its definition. Chris already gave a link. In addition


If you use a valid, because public resolvable domain name there is always the risk that as effect a service request - here mail routing - goes a different route than you would expect and want to. I mean, if the resolvable domain name has DNS records poiting to different locations. To be specific: Sendmail does MX lookups and a query for your "epo.dk" domain gives a valid result:

$ host -t mx epo.dk
epo.dk mail is handled by 10 webhotel3.webhosting.dk.

Sure, you can try to avoid such pitfalls by doing specific setup "tricks". But isn't it easier to simply use a namespace for your LAN where there is no risk it would be resolvable for any public meaning?


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