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Re: Mail authentication error?

Hongwei Li schrieb:


I have a problem in my FC4 system. System info:
kernel: 2.6.16-1.2096_FC4
sendmail: 8.13.6-0.FC4.1
dovecot: 0.99.14-4.fc4

Recently, users say that they cannot use Outlook to send emails out if they
set SSL connection with port 587 for outgoing server and 993 for incoming
server.  Then, I tested a guest account on several computers. The strange
thing is when I test it on my PC and another one, everything works well.
However, when I test it on other 2 computers (all are Win XP pro, with Outlook
2003), I cannot send emails out.  The error message from Outlook is:

Task 'Matt Morp - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC7D) : 'Your outgoing (SMTP)
server does not support SSL-secured connections. If SSL-secured connections
have worked in the past, contact your server administrator or Internet service
provider (ISP).'

The system log shows:

Sep 22 13:27:22 morpheus sendmail[27813]: k8MFRMjY027813: [] did
not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MSA

All computers are in our campus and in the same subnet.  Also, users didn't
complain before yesterday, but I didn't change the system recently. My
questions are:

1. What does the above message mean?
Sendmail informs you by syslogging that a host with the named IP did initialize a connection on the MSA port and that none of the 4 named SMTP commands followed. Thus the SMTP session ended without a message being transferred, it even wasn't tried from client side.

2. Why the same account can send emails from two PCs, but not from other PCs
when all use Outlook 2003 with the same settings (SSL connection, port 587 for
outgoing, etc.)?
You will have to check your /var/log/maillog to see what happens if the non working client connection happens. Maybe increase the Sendmail log_level to 15 (default / standard is 9) to get verbose output. My guess from several of these cases: I bet there runs Norton Antivirus or some Windows TCP stack breaking so called Personal Firewall on the hosts where the clients fail. If Norton Antivirus is checking outgoing SMTP connections and they are SSL/TLS secured, those connections fail. Personal Firewalls do harmful things if misconfigured.


Hongwei Li


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