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skype problem with sound

If anyone knows of a good linux skype resource, I haven't found one yet, 
except some faqs. Anyway, perhaps someone else is encountering the following 
issue, In the past week, I've been able to complete a connection - the call 
rings, but as soon as someone picks it up, my side goes completely dead. 
Anyone else having this? 

Another problem, possibly related, is that Skype seems to have an issue with 
how it handles the audio drivers - I remember reading somehing related to a 
problem with 'releasing' the driver (I may have my terminology wrong here). 
Even when working well, I often encounter a "Call failed" when I make a 
second call after hanging up a successful one - sometimes it would work two 
or three times, and then fail - the workaround was to close it and reopen it, 
somewhat of a pain, but I could live with it. 

Any suggestions on fixes or resources for troubleshooting would be greatly 
appreciated. I'm running FC5 with all the latest patches and the KDE desktop. 
I've gone round and round with Alsa settings and KDE sound system settings, 
but to no avail. 

Currently, I'm dead in the water, and I'd come to rely on it a great deal. I'm 
going to have to fire up my Windows box and get it going there pretty soon, 
if I can't figure this out. 
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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