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Re: skype problem with sound

On Friday 22 September 2006 22:46, Claude Jones wrote:
>If anyone knows of a good linux skype resource, I haven't found one yet,
>except some faqs. Anyway, perhaps someone else is encountering the
> following issue, In the past week, I've been able to complete a
> connection - the call rings, but as soon as someone picks it up, my side
> goes completely dead. Anyone else having this?
>Another problem, possibly related, is that Skype seems to have an issue
> with how it handles the audio drivers - I remember reading somehing
> related to a problem with 'releasing' the driver (I may have my
> terminology wrong here). Even when working well, I often encounter a
> "Call failed" when I make a second call after hanging up a successful
> one - sometimes it would work two or three times, and then fail - the
> workaround was to close it and reopen it, somewhat of a pain, but I
> could live with it.
>Any suggestions on fixes or resources for troubleshooting would be
> greatly appreciated. I'm running FC5 with all the latest patches and the
> KDE desktop. I've gone round and round with Alsa settings and KDE sound
> system settings, but to no avail.
>Currently, I'm dead in the water, and I'd come to rely on it a great
> deal. I'm going to have to fire up my Windows box and get it going there
> pretty soon, if I can't figure this out.

The 1.3beta version of skype for linux is working quite well for me, on two 
machines here.  If you don't have that version, go get it, or I'd assume 
any even newer version they may have for linux now.

But one gotcha is how the microphone channel is handled in the various 
mixers linux has available.

What is desired is to have the microphone's controlling buttons set to 
enable the 'capture' function, but not to enable its output to the mixer.  
If you output to the mixer only, then you can hear yourself, but no one 
else can.  Ideally, if the echo cancelation is working good, you will not 
hear yourself.  If the echo cancelation isn't so good, you may hear with 
varying degrees of time delay, a distorted, delayed echo.  If its really 
strong, then the party on the other end is feeding his mixer or whatever 
his receive channel is, back into the capture path.

Note I'm using 'capture' because thats what the mixer I use (I have 2 cards 
in this box, able to work independently, and kamix handles that situation 
better IMO) calls it, it could also be called the 'record' channel or some 
other similar name.  On my HP (FC5) lappy, kmix is doing it, but seems 
more confusing, particularly with its penchant for turning off what it 
_thinks_ is conflicting settings on screens you can't see at the time you 
clicked on _that_ button.  This makes it quite a bit more difficult to 
achieve optimal settings for skype, but with care it can be done.

>Claude Jones
>Brunswick, MD, USA

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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