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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu (hijacked: can I dual boot FC and Kubuntu?)

Or, would it be better to install both OS on the first drive, and keep
all my data on the other, or
some such configuration?
I´ve got a 15gb drive I could install the OS on, and a 200gb I could use
for data,

I think you can do this, i have never tried!!

Install FC5 on your 15gb partition use only 8 Gb for FC5 and the rest for Ubuntu
make this on FC5 (example)
asume that hda is 15gb and hdb is 200 gb
/dev/hda1 /                                 for FC5
/dev/hdb1 /home                         for FC5
ok, now for ubuntu
/dev/hda2 /                                 for Ubuntu
/dev/hdb1 /home                         for Ubuntu

(off course put space and create their swap partitions, and maybe you
may want to split your 200 Gb in order to keep some space for /var
directory for FC5 and Ubuntu (one different for each one)

Ok, now see that both FC5 and Ubuntu are using the same /dev/hdb1 for
/home on each of them.

from here you only need to be sure that when you create your users
(not root) has the same ID numbers on both Ubuntu and FC5, just choose
one of them to create all the users, and then on the other one while
creating users and groups, force the OS to use the same IDs as the
other OS, i think in theory should work :) ...

you only need to edit your grub with is easy also.

asume that Ubuntu installed its grub on the MBR
force FC5 to install it on the first sector of its own partition.
and edith the ubuntu
and at the end add this

title FC5
root (hd0,1)
chainloader +1

should be enough,



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