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Re: sharing yum caches i386/x86_64

ronald wrote:

is it possible to *join/mix* the yum caches from an i386- and an x86_64-
installation (same release) and to update the i386 parts from that via
yum update ?

maybe with a respective yum clean metadata before ?

you will find that a great number of libraries are available as BOTH 64 bit and 32 bit in the x86_64 repositories. They are built such that they can coexist happily.

To install a 32 bit app on x64:64:
On your 32 bit system of FC5, do a 'ldd binary_name' and get a list of all the libraries that app requires.

On your 64 bit system yum list the libraries and note all the 32 bit version are there.
# yum install libxxx.i386 libyyy.i386 ...
from the x86_64 repositories.


download the rpm of the 32 bit app and
yum localinstall 32bitapp.rpm
quite often it will do all the right stuff this way.

Easy Peasy.

Mixing repositories is asking for trouble...

If you can find a 32 bit app that does not work this way, then download the source rpm and rebuild it. :)

Take care ...

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