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yum losing it´s flavour?

I have to say...within the past week I have attempted several fresh installs of FC5,
and everytime I run a yum update on anything, something breaks.
What the heck is going on?

I ha installed FC5 on the 80gb drive I had that just bought the farm in, hmmmm, July. I had updated everything, and the system was all happy and smiley until the hdd went last week.
But now, suddenlym I can´t install and update FC5 without breaking stuff...
I DLing Kubuntu right now...
My work and my business (document translation) depend on my computer, and this crap is costing
me time, sleep, and money.

I´ve been using RH or FC since RH7.1, and I´ve never had so much trouble just getting a system up and running.

I don´t know...I still have some FC3 discs here, but I don´t want to go backwards. I don´t want to install FC5 and not be able to update stuff, even. I like everything up to date.
I´m getting headaches with all of this...
Sounds like more of a rant than a support request or anything valid, hein?
I have been all gushy and lovey about FC and RH for years...Suddenly, I don´t know. I mean, I´m not doing anything different than I have for the past several years...but I´m not
getting the same happy results I´m used to getting.


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