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Re: can´t get kde, can´t get gnome...w hat happened?

Goksin Akdeniz wrote:

First answers and tehnquestions.

You can remove a package or a group of packages via yum.

I suppose I knew that...Of course, I expect it to be a headache, all the same, getting the package names all correct and what not. Is there a way with just one command to force a reinstall without first removing it? And were that possible, would it possibly either ameliorate or exasperate the issue?

Have you made any chages in yum configuration, such as adding or removing repos?

Goksin Akdeniz
The last two installs that fell apart on me just this week I changed nothing at all in yum.
This most recent one, I added the livna repo.
In one of the installs, I tried to update everything at once, and was subsequently advised not to do so. The other two, I selectively updated various items, but the two instances were not identical. I could not be sure what common element might be the issue, since, I am sure, there were many
common items that I updated all three times.
Actually, the first install had issues with libpam that messed up a lot of other stuff (couldn´t get root, and stuff), so in the following two, I avoided updating pam. This last one, I did a few updates at a time...If I remember correctly, the final things I updated were Installing a number of games, installing xmms, updating some gnome libs (for gnome programs I use, although, I use KDE for my desktop). Updating kde-base and various other essential kde libs. KDE didn´t crash on me, but when I logged out of the session and attempted to log back in, no joy... I get to the log in prompt, and even see the splash screen with blinking icons and all, but then it just
hangs at a blue screen with a mouse cursor present, and fails to load kde.


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