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Re: LVM -- removing logical volumes from a file system

tokyoi mac com wrote:
Hi Ian,

> The command-line LVM programme is more appealing but I am not really
> sure as to what will happen to my system -- as in the physical bits and
> bobs -- if I tell lvm to remove a volume. Am I right in thinking that
> the various commands to remove volumes simply mean that logical volume
> management is disabled and that the data remains intact, for me to
> administer it again via fdisk and /etc/fstab? 
No, if you remove the volume, you'll destroy the data as well.
If you wish to move back to ext3 and the like you will need to reinstall
on a separate hdd or perform a fresh install.

I have more backups than
> Soft Mick but would rather leave them as an unused comfort zone. I have
> looked through the man pages and the like but would appreciate
> confirmation from those who are more knowledgeable than I.
I tend to stick with ext3 / raid for static data but use lvm to
generate/destroy volumes on the fly and take snapshots of transient data.



(o<    Thierry Sayegh de Bellis
//\    RHCE
V_/_   UK

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