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no more ethernet connection after upgrade


I update the kernel on my FC4 box: 2.6.17-1.2142_FC4smp

Now one of my ethernet card is no more working:

 # ifup eth1
Le périphérique e1000 n'étant pas présent, l'initialisation de eth1 sera

Here is eth1 in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf

class: NETWORK
bus: PCI
detached: 0
device: eth1
driver: e1000
desc: "8086:108b"
network.hwaddr: 00:13:D4:A1:59:3B
vendorId: 8086
deviceId: 108b
subVendorId: 1043
subDeviceId: 8197
pciType: 1
pcidom:    0
pcibus:  3
pcidev:  0
pcifn:  0

And lspci output gives:

03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82573V Gigabit Ethernet
Controller (Copper) (rev 03)

Who can help me?

BTW I have a lot of problem with this kernel: I had to patch the nvidia
installer to get the nvidia driver be compiled.

It seems that named is not properly working (I'm searching...)

Thanks for attention and help.
François Patte
UFR de mathématiques et informatique
Université René Descartes

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