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Re: CUPS Upgrade causes Printer to stop working

> Anyone know what else to do to find out what is happening with CUPS and
> my printer driver?

Sometimes it requires to reinstall the drivers. but before reinstalling 
printers check out the printing options via Admi,nsitration menu. Some times 
user accounts are failed to configure and thie should be done by the user. ıf 
it doesnot work, try to re install the divers. That may help.

Type as root:


A diallog box will be displayed. Just use menu and add new printer and delete 
the old one.

If you prefer atext based operation run as root


This will start the Red Hat Printer Config. This one is text-based.

If add a new printer solution does not work try to install the ppd file via 

Goksin Akdeniz

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