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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu (hijacked: can I dual boot FC and Kubuntu?)

Joel Rees wrote:
> The sales guy at Pasokon Kobo over in Mikage a couple of years back warned me 
> against trying to use both master and slave at the same time, but they admitted 
> to not having much experience with Linux. In the MSWindows universe they were 
> familiar with, there were enough reports of silent corruption they figured it 
> was best to stay with one channel, one drive, particularly when building RAID 
> on ATA controllers.

There *used* to be problems with some controllers, most notoriously the
CMD640. For more details, see Documentation/cdrom/ide-cd and
Documentation/ide.txt (from the kernel documentation).

The CMD640 is now obsolete.

> Correct me if I'm wrong, but master and slave on a single channel
> can't handle commands concurrently?

That's my understanding. And that's why *I* would advise against having
two devices on the same channel *if* they are both going to be heavily
used at the same time.

If they are used for different OSes, that sounds fine.


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