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Re: File search Crash1

On 9/22/06, Jim Douglas <jdz99 hotmail com> wrote:
When I do a "Find Files/Folders" I get this the following behavior then my
FC5 box freezes...and I have to pull the plug and reboot.

...repeated warning windows pop up one on top of the other that say,

Could not find mime type

What's happening?


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Hi Jim Douglas!

I do not know.  Googleing seems to hit the word "virus" a bit too
often for my comfort.  Might be a good time to Live-CD in and scan
(Helix is great for this BTW - you still need the signature files - I
would tend to grab them on another machine and make them available by
flash or CD).

# What the words mean

A possible way to troubleshoot this is to look at the file viewer
launcher (the actual call to the file finder program) and then run the
call (the command from a command line) as the launcher would only from
a console window.  That way, you will tend to see error messages as
they occur.

Usually I will pull a copy of the menu launcher to the desktop (drag
and drop) and then right click it and select properties.  There is
probably an easier way.

Remember that you can do a ctl+alt+F1 (or F2 - F3 - F4 - F5 - F6) and
obtain a console log in at any time (you can select any one of the six
ttys). This would allow you to look at log files and check what is
running and may be stopped or in some kind of panic.

I have often seen an X freeze go away when doing the ctl+alt+F7 to get
back to the X screen after using one of the tty terminals, and
sometimes good information is on ctl+alt+F8 which is the screen just
as init calls X.

Also it would be good to look in /var/log and the various files.
Messages, syslog, kern.log, dmesg all may contain valuable
information.  The "tail" command is quite useful for this.

Good Hunting!


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