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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu (hijacked: can I dual boot FC and Kubuntu?)

On Sunday September 24 2006 4:30 am, Joel Rees wrote:
> But you did notice that we had two people on this list offer their own
> experience with data corruption that they attributed to using master and
> slave together. I have to admit, I don't know for positive that they
> were able to clear all the other potential factors, but then we also
> don't know for positive that people who have trouble using cable select
> or people who have trouble when not using cable select have cleared all
> the other contributing factors.

Yes, and both those people provided very specific detailed instances and 
descriptions of their issue, which is what I was objecting to in your posts. 
I actually know myself of a couple of very obscure configurations with very 
specific kinds of hardware/software where the M/S system breaks down, but 
these instances are far from the norm. I would place Ric's example in that 
same category. James' example was of something that existed in the past, a 
controller that is "now obsolete" as he put it. 

> For my part, I've played with the master/slave combination, and for the
> cost of the extra controller card, I prefer being able to get concurrent
> access and not having one less potential gotcha eating my data.

Stating your predilections and reasons why is fine - I have no problem with 
that. I'm no list cop, either - but, you were making strong declarations 
which when asked for substance, you were unable to provide. Those were in 
fundamental contradiction to my actual experience which is pretty extensive 
because of the nature of my work, and if left unchallenged, could lead many 
to reject a hardware solution that actually does work quite well in most 

Your predilection is not for everybody, by the way, for a very practical 
reason - modern MOBO's with the micro-ATX form factor have as few as one PCI 
slot, and more frequently, only two - those slots may be required for other 
uses in many configurations and adding an extra IDE controller card may not 
be an option for some readers. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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