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Re: Gimp is not printing in FC5

2006/9/24, Erik P. Olsen <erik epo dk>:
Antonio Montagnani wrote:
> I can't print any image in Gimp. Any other application is working fine.
> Some information is sent to my Samsung laser printer as I see green
> lights flashing but no output.
> I tried to remove -oraw flag but it is worst, i get red light flashing.
> What shall I investigate???

If your printer is a postscript printer, then in File->Print select Setup
Printer. In the Setup Printer box select PostScript Level 2 for Printer Model
and for Command either lpr -P<printername> or lp -s -d<printername>. This works
fine for my HP Laserjet 2200 and Photosmart 8450.

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I assume that in both mime.conf and type.conf in etc/cups the # has to
be removed and the option -oraw has to be removed in Gimp printer
My string is:

lp -s -dSamsung

and I get a red light flashing on my printer.No output at all

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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