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Re: Priniting with cups, no black!

Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
Hi, I have installed an epson c61 printer, and am using cups on the
local machine.

If I preing a cups or a postscript test page from the gnome printer
administration app, it works fine.

But when I print from within a gnome app (ie gedit or gunmeric) all
the coloured text comes out, including shades of gray, but anything
that is solid black comes out white (that is it is not printed).

Any ideas as  to what is going on?  I even went an brought new ink
cartridges this morning but get the same result.

By chance, is this a printer that has been used before, then remained unused for 2 or 3 weeks or longer? In at least the Stylus Cxx series of printers, the nozzles remain with the printer when ink cartridges are changed. During infrequent use, the nozzles become clogged and changing cartridges doesn't do anything to solve that problem. I fixed my print problems by putting my well-used Stylus C80 in the barn and buying an HP6122. You might try the head-cleaning utility but I found that to be a temporary fix. I also bought a set of cleaning cartridges from some ink supplier out on the Left Coast but that didn't work out too well, either.

Good luck.

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