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Re: yum losing it´s flavour?

Ric Moore wrote:
> I can grasp an i386 rpm, meaning it a common denominator 32 bit rpm.
> I've not seen i486 rpms, but they surely existed at one point. 

i486 would have been "using processor instructions  available on i486
and above".

> It's preferable to use an i586 rpm if you have an i586 processor over
> the i386 one, correct? Assuming you have an i586 kernel? 

The existence of an i586 rpm (on Fedora) usually means that using
Pentium-level instructions is preferable.

> An i686 rpm, is it for 64 bit processors running 32bit? or a prebuilt
> rpm for 64 bit? 

Neither. The first i686 was the Pentium Pro, back in 1995. All Pentium
brand, Celeron brand, Xeon brand, Athlon brand, Sempron brand, Duron
brand and Turion brand processors are capable of running i686 RPMs.

> I have an Athlon64 3200 running 32 bit FC5 (yeah, I'm still chicken) and
> I'm seeing a kernel for i686 being yum updated. My updated nvidea
> modules was an i586. It no longer works. <grins> Fill me and anyone else
> as being merely ignorant, would you please? Ric

Can't help you there -- I stick to the 2D Open Source drivers.


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