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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu (hijacked: can I dual boot FC and Kubuntu?)

On Sunday September 24 2006 11:39 am, Anne Wilson wrote:
> However, I do recall that many years ago my supplier suggested that I
> didn't use CS (so that now it has become a habit) because at that time some
> motherboards and some cables did not handle CS properly.  I wonder if that
> is what has caused this confusion?  I repeat, this was many years ago.  I
> would expect that any issues that were around at that time would have been
> long-since addressed.
> Anne

I can only speak to my own experience - what I've encountered many times is 
situations where drives were jumpered inconsistently, one CS and the other M 
or S - as I mentioned in another post in this thread, I encountered this just 
this past week on a friend's desktop. He'd installed a new DVD writer and was 
having all sorts of erratic behavior as described in my earlier post. The 
other thing I've encountered is drives jumpered CS but non-CS cables. 

My current practice when building a new machine is to jumper M/S and use a 
non-CS cable. It has been posted on this list in past threads on this subject 
that jumpering M/S even with a CS cable will over-ride the CS - I have no 
direct experience with that. If I get a machine that has a cable select 
cable, I jumper both drives CS. 

But, to go back to what Joel was saying, he asserted that all sorts of 
problems with data corruption would occur if M/S were used. My experience 
hasn't been that - I've encountered extremely erratic drive behavior when 
encountering mis-configured systems, but the nature of that was drives being 
recognized sometimes, and other times, not, in a completely seemingly random 
manner - the systems were unusable in that state, and so there were no issues 
with data corruption, because the systems were dysfunctional. 

As to some MOBO's and some CS cables not handling CS correctly, I can't say 
I've encountered it, but, the possibility of it wouldn't come as a surprise; 
in 18 years of building and troubleshooting hundreds of machines, I've 
encountered many wild, and poorly implemented, pieces of hardware - my 
current pet peeve is USB implementation which is ridiculous. I'm dealing at 
this moment with a LaCie USB external mini-drive that has suddenly gone dark, 
which happens to have all my wife's website and video work on it.... 
Fortunately, it's backed up.
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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