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Re: yum losing it´s flavour?

On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 14:35 -0400, Claude Jones wrote:
> On Sunday September 24 2006 2:24 pm, Les Mikesell wrote:
> > Can yum automatically defer updating the kernel until the
> > in-use modules are also available in matching versions?
> I remember some discussion of that some time back, but it wasn't enough of an 
> issue for me, and I was too busy, to follow the discussion. I seem to 
> remember someone saying they'd written a custom script or something - I also 
> seem to remember a statement to the effect that there was some work ongoing 
> to deal with this very issue - if you rely on my memory, however, you're a 
> braver man than me. You might try to google the list archives, though I can't 
> help you with the search terms (memory problem)... Actually, I seem to 
> remember it being in the context of some thread about someone getting his 
> system hosed because of video issues caused by a kernel update, and how he 
> couldn't get back... 
Well, <WHEW!> I'm glad I'm through beating this dead parrot, as it came
back to life. I forgot just what the heck I DID have planned now. I'm
scared to reboot. This crate has been weird since the last pile of yum
updates. I keep plugging in the same information time after time and
suddenly it's alive. Maybe bellsouth is changing up on me, I did find
the gateway address had changed, while I was in DHCP mode with the dsl
modem. So, I used that as well. Still hung. This time when I reset the
DSL modem and went back to connecting to it, instead of passthrough, and
then set it back to passthrough, I'm connecting, after using the
network-config thingie AGAIN!. God save the Queen. Ric

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