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Re: firefox crashes with acroread plugin

Sorry -- I hit the wrong button there.
Klaus Steinberger wrote:
> I already wrote a Bugzilla Report (#203709), but no reaction until now.
> So please fix this bug, as it is really very annoying.


This probably isn't the right list for your request, but I'm not sure
where is.

You see, I suspect that your bug will take low priority because it's
difficult for Fedora developers to tell what the Acroread software does.
Their priority in any case will be on evince and other Free PDF readers.

Their recommendation would probably be to contact Acrobat, since it's
their software that's causing the crash, but I don't hold out much hope
that *they'll* be very interested either.

In any case, there are few Fedora developers reading this list (due to
the volume), so your plea will probably have gone un-noticed by most
people in a position to investigate.



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