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dual-boot attempt (crossposted to both fedora and kubuntu lists)


I am trying to make a dual boot with FC5 and Kubunut 6.06.1

I installed FC 5 first on hda1, and it was good.
then installed Kubunut on hda2, booted into kubu, and all seemed good, too.
But then, attempt to reboot did not give me access to Fedora.
So I edited /grug/menu.lst, and attempted to reboot, found the fedora entry and tried to boot it, and got a kernel panic. So I reinstalled the FC5, and, looked good, again (oddly, it seems to have just repaired the previous install, because what little data I had on the drive, and settings like wallpaper, were still in place)
...But now I can´t boot kubuntu...
Grub only has an empty entry for Kubu (no kernel and init paramanters, etc).
So I mounted the kubu partition, cd-ed to /boot therein, and find nothing in there. It appears that when installing Fedora, it hosed the /boot of the kubu install when I told grub to include kubu.

What do I have to do to get these two to play nice?

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