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Re: firefox crashes with acroread plugin

> Their recommendation would probably be to contact Acrobat, since it's
> their software that's causing the crash, but I don't hold out much hope

The Adobe Acrobat reader works well with the Tarball from Mozilla.org!
There is some bug introduced by changes made to firefox in the Fedora RPM'S. 
Probably the same bug did make the Java Plugin inresponsive! So I suspect 
this is a bug in Fedora's firefox RPMS and not in Adobe Acrobat (ohh not that 
acrobat is free of errors, their printer dialog is severly bad).

Until some things are fixed in free PDF viewers (like forms) we need definitly 
the Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

> In any case, there are few Fedora developers reading this list (due to
I already sent a bug report to fedora bugzilla, but no answers, that's the 
reasons I posted this here too.


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