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Re: how to access remote CUPS printer?

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, Tim wrote:

> Michael Hennebry wrote:
> >>>> How do I print to a remote CUPS printer
> >>>> from machines on which I am not root?
> >>>> On the remote machine, FC5, I am root.
> >>>> On the clients, FreeBSD and FC3, I am not root,
> >>>> but can open TCP ports.
> >>>> Is there a nonroot IPP client that can
> >>>> be used to print on a remote printer?
> I think we need to know what's meant by "remote".  Another device on the
> local network?  Something on a distant network?  Over the internet?

Neither is on my "LAN", which consists of a single FC5 box.
The FreeBSD box has its own global IP address and I think it runs lpd.
Is there a way to ask it?
ps -C lpd
produced an empty list, but it might be down again.
The FC3 box is behind a firewall and runs CUPS.
I have the IP address of the firewall which runs Debian.

I am not root on either of the client machines.
Editing config files on them is out.

Nor can I get root to do it for me.
My useage of these machines is mostly a gift.
I am nearly the only person who does any printing at all from them.
I would be the only person using the printer on the FC5 box.

Is there a program that would let me do someting like this:
ipp_client -P remote_printer  file_to_print

On the FC5 box, I think that I can figure out what to do with CUPS,
though suggestions are welcome.
Config editing is prefered, but KDE suggestions are also good,
especially if they state what the GUI is changing.

A suggestion for GUI builders:
How about a visible mode?
It would be just like the blind mode, except that it would
show the files being edited, possibly with strikeout for
things being removed and underlining for things being added.

Samba is not involved.

Mike   hennebry web cs ndsu NoDak edu
"This dream is brought to you by Sharassin of Shan.  Dreams and
communication wizardry of all sorts at reasonable rates." -- Sharassin of Shan

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