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Re: how to access remote CUPS printer?

>> I think we need to know what's meant by "remote".  Another device on the
>> local network?  Something on a distant network?  Over the internet?

Michael Hennebry:
> Neither is on my "LAN", which consists of a single FC5 box.
> The FreeBSD box has its own global IP address and I think it runs lpd.
> Is there a way to ask it?
> ps -C lpd
> produced an empty list, but it might be down again.
> The FC3 box is behind a firewall and runs CUPS.
> I have the IP address of the firewall which runs Debian.
> I am not root on either of the client machines.
> Editing config files on them is out.

I'm not sure how you expect to set up printing, if you're not able to
configure things.  It is an administrative job.

If a server has been configured to allow printing (its CUPS and firewall
configuration, for instance), then you might be able to specify using
that server on the clients, but only if you can configure them.  It'd
just be a case of specifying the server address in the
client's /etc/cups/client.conf file, just one line, as commented in the

e.g. ServerName remoteprinter.example.com

On Windows, I've been able to print to a FC4 CUPS server by specifying
the address to the printserver in the printing setup dialogue on
Windows, but that's still an issue that requires some administrative

e.g. http://printing.example.com:631/printers/hplaserjet4

If you had something that understood IPP, you should be able to do
something similar.

e.g. ipp://printing.example.com/printers/hplaserjet4

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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