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Re: sharing yum caches i386/x86_64

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 9:28 PM +0200 9/24/06, ronald wrote:
Tony Nelson wrote:


but the more i'm playing with fc6 x86_64 the merrier i realize how
slow fc5 i386 is...

FC5 x86 and x64 are about the same speed. If one is slow, it is not set up properly.

i know that x86_64 has only ~5-10 % more speed than i386.
it's not the big deal.

but if i switch from fc*6* x86_64 to fc*5* i386 it feels much more speedy. alone the time from grub menu until init starts.

quit clear, the most comes from the new kernel/gnome.
(seems that at boot_delay=*-*1000 is working here...)

and of course the aged fc5, with my individual changes since the clean install...

additionally, that most of my stuff works fine under fc*6* x86_64.
why should i stay with i386 ?

i'm unable to see progress indicators for some time.
' got enough the last weeks...

my tin cans and there internals:
amd64:    fc5 i386, fc6 i386, fc6 x86_64
pIII:     fc5 i386, fc6 i386
notebook: fc5 i386 , [isn't a partition free here for fc6 ?]

updating all means of lot of progress indicators to watch. i love it !

currently suffering from a "progress-indicator-allergy"
- "leather allergy" is better. do you know leather allergies ? -


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