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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu

Robert P. J. Day wrote:

not sure if this was mentioned already but, at the risk of sounding
overly shallow and capitalistic, you might consider which linux distro
is going to have more value on your resume.

if there's a single distro that *clearly* has advantages for what you
want to do immediately, by all means, choose that one.  but, *** all
things being equal *** and if comes down to a coin flip, you might
want to go with the distro for which there are more posted jobs.

just my $0.02.


That's another reason why I don't limit myself to one Operating System. The more I know, the better it looks on a resume.

In the case of Linux, the distros I come across most often on servers are all RedHat variations (RH 9, RHEL, Fedora Core, CentOS..). Second to that would Debian, with SUSE following closely afterward.

Ubuntu of course is based on Debian. After getting comfortable with Ubuntu, I gave Debian a try. I've used it on and off over the past 18 months. And since I've been using Linux for years and learned and used Ubuntu beforehand, Debian was a no-brainier. The difference between the two comes down to "hand holding". Ubuntu has more of if (*if* you need it, that is) and some nicer GUI-based ways to update software.

In fact the nice GUI-based updating is reminiscent of distros like Fedora Core. :-)

I'm currently contemplating checking out CentOS. And because I have waaaay too much free time, I might try Gentoo as well.

You can never learn (or use) too many Operating Systems. ;-)

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