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Re: RAID1 under GRUB Configuration Help Needed

Gilboa Davara wrote:
On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 13:54 -0400, Steven Stromer wrote:
I have been closely following a great HOWTO at:

to install a Promise FastTrack66 hardware RAID card into my FC5 box for RAID1. I have managed to plow through the steps up to editing lilo.conf, but FC5 uses GRUB as the default bootloader. Would anyone be able to walk me through the steps for editing grub.conf from the point where this article focuses on lilo.conf?

I have read the GRUB documentation, as well as the documentation on a few other forums, but am still struggling a bit, and don't want to go off in the wrong direction at this point (if I haven't already)!

Steven Stromer

OT question: FastTrack66 is a semi-hardware RAID (read: Most of the work
is being handled by the CPU) and it is far from being fast//stable/etc.
Why not setup a fully software RAID setup instead?


I have a bunch of identical Pentium III boxes here in mint condition. I am trying to use them to the best of their humble ability, but only with the hardware I have on hand; I don't want to make any financial investment into them. I have a bunch of brand new FastTrack66 cards sitting around. They are faster than the controllers on the motherboards, as I undestand, I can attach each drive to a separate channel, and the only other option is to throw the cards away. I haven't had any negative experiences with these controllers, and they have only glowing reviews on older web pages. Is there a history of problems that I should know about? Finally, I am enjoying learning more about drives and drive configuration during this process. So far, it has been very educational for me. If you think it's a terrible idea to run these, I'll take your advisement, but if you agree with my reasoning for using them, I'd really appreciate your assistance.


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