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Re: Gimp is not printing in FC5

2006/9/25, James Wilkinson <fedora aprilcottage co uk>:
Antonio Montagnani wrote:
> I do not understand why, if I reduce image dimension in the output, I
> can print!!!

I suspect that you're using a "GDI" printer, which uses a GPL printer
driver running on your computer to do a lot of the layout. I seem to
remember that this driver had problems with complex printouts (e.g.
scans) if the printer had relatively little memory. Unfortunately, I
never found a good fix for this.

A workaround may be to set the DPI value to 300 dpi.

I don't think I ever got this into the Fedora bugzilla -- perhaps you
could do the honours?



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you got the point. GDI is the driver!!!! I will manage to import my
images (Jpeg from my digital) to any other program that has no
Furthermore, the PPD files supplied with the printer box by Samsung don't work.
Shall file a bug in Fedora or in Gimp???

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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