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Re: how to access remote CUPS printer?

>> On Windows, I've been able to print to a FC4 CUPS server by specifying
>> the address to the printserver in the printing setup dialogue on
>> Windows, but that's still an issue that requires some administrative
>> privileges.

Michael Hennebry:
> Why would I have to be root on the client?

Configuring printing is an administrative task, it has security
implications, therefor ordinary users are restricted somewhat.

Using what's already configured, is another matter.  i.e. Printing, or
picking page preferences per user, etc.

> I'm pretty sure that ordinary users
> have permission to TCP to remote ports.
> Are other permissions needed on the client side?

Unless a client has been deliberately firewalled off to prevent
printing, it ought to work without further effort on their behalf.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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