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Re: fvwm not showing any menus in FC5

On Tue, 26 Sep 2006 07:40:39 +0100
"Macintyre, Ross A" <R A Macintyre hw ac uk> wrote:

> Actually the last fvwm was one that was built from source. There was
> no rpm available for FC2 when I put it on.

do you remember the version you installed from source?

> This time round I decided to install the binary.
> I have installed the latest stable version.

If you installed a stable version on FC2 previously then the configs
should work on this setup as well. When you installed from source did
you change the install path (ie: ./configure --prefix=/usr)? If not and
the user has used absolute paths in their configs then an RPM installing
to /usr and not /usr/local won't put things where their configs/scripts
etc. expect them to be. How are the perms in the user's ~/.fvwm ??

The fvwm-user list is a helpful place and very low traffic, perhaps
answers from there could help you or the user figure things out if
you're really stuck.

HTH, Myles

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