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Re: network has gone down again, and I cannot figure out why

On Mon, 2006-09-25 at 09:34 -0700, Mike Wright wrote:
> Ric Moore wrote:
> > I have a static IP, and with the DSL modem set to "pass through" mode,
> > my linux "crate" is doing everything... and blowing up. Been working
> > rock solid, went through the update, a report is made about something
> > missing and I go into scattered chickens mode becauce weird stuff is
> > happening, like the domainname being added as an alias to localhost
> > minutes after I fix it.
> I did lookup on your hostname and got an IP but a reverse lookup on that 
> IP gives adsl-070-145-234-214.sip.int.bellsouth.net.  I wonder if the 
> problem arises because the forward and reverses conflict, and perhaps 
> one of the configuration programs is "fixing" it for you?

I believe I am OK now, If you would try that again to see what pops up,
I'd appreciate it. I am back on my static IP, it's resolving quickly and
seems to be at full speed. 

> It's brute force but you could try "chattr" to make your hosts file 
> immutable.

I'm afraid to touch it, now that it's working. If it wasn't the bind
packages, then using the FC6 setup* rpms must have done the trick. Ric

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