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Re: network has gone down again, and I cannot figure out why

On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 09:11 -0600, David G. Miller wrote:
>  Packages Erased:
>     bind-config 

A very vaguely named package that contains *some* sort of configuration
for BIND.

>  Packages Installed:
>     caching-nameserver.i386 30:9.3.2-33.fc5 

A configuration package for BIND, with a more specific name.

There was a debate about this, somewhere.  Probably on bugzilla.  About
the wisdom of the naming, and about changing things from what people are
used to.  I'm sure I read a reference to it on this mailing list, so it
ought to be findable.  I recall it went along the lines of renaming the
package, then shortly afterwards reverting the name it used to have,
then either a debate about it or renaming it again.  All in all, it
sounded rather daft.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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