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Re: OT: Then and than [WAS: chroot to oldlinux...]

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Gilboa Davara wrote:
> On 9/25/06, oldman <talbotscott cox net> wrote:
>>         Just putting in a mild gripe here, but I can't remember the
>> last time
>> someone used then or than correctly.  So just for the record use then
>> when you are trying to convey the order (chronologically or
>> geographically).  Than is used when comparing two things as I am bigger
>> than you.  The use here is obscure but other and that are in a weird way
>> being compared so than is correct.
>>         Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!  Please resume
>> Scott
> In my defense, English is not my primary language and I always seem to mix
> then and than. (Using then exclusively is much safer - Theoretically I
> should be right in at least 50% of all cases...)
> However, I'll inspire to do better. (...now if only vim could do grammar
> ;))
> - Gilboa

	Thanks for caring!  It was, I'm sure you know, not my intention to
criticize anyone, it just gets to me sometimes that I see simple errors
so often, even in the newspapers.  This particular one seems most prevalent.

	It may be a corollary to Murphy's law, but I find I actually have a 72%
chance of getting wrong, anything in which I have a 50% chance of
getting right( or at least it seems that way, ha ha).

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