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What is the hottest Fedora-based Wiki these days?


I need to start a Wiki/Communication Enhancement web site based on Fedora.

This will be used for about 30 people to share production data with a 3 month lifespan on an hourly basis, as well as saving and accessing reference material for a few years to come. It will reside in a DMZ and be accessible, after authentication via the firewall, from the outside, as well as users inside. No calendaring is necessary, some basic e-mail tie-in's ok, blogging tie-in's ok too. Mostly just basic wiki actions.

So I've noticed quite a few projects having sprung up and would like to see if there are any favorites. They don't have to be shareware, but cannot be more than, say, $1K US.

From a support standpoint I can 'man' and HOWTO my way through the installation and support, but if there is any extended literature that will get me up and running faster, that would be preferred (and even a textbook, the best!).

Thanks very much for your consideration on this subject,


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